Infogrames – Rocks My World

A long time ago (well, 5 or 6 years ago anyway) corporate anthems were all the rage in the world of the internets. Back then I worked for a computer games company called Infogrames. Infogrames was quite a big company at the time with offices in France and New York and was responsible for games like Unreal Tournament and Alone in the Dark…our studio however was in sunny Sheffield so we were that little bit removed from the corporate side of things. I still remember the day when we all received the company email announcing with pride that we now had our very own corporate anthem to stir our proud souls. It was a very funny scene as a studio of hairy programmers and geeky artists listened in stunned silence to what follows, which I found thanks to the wonders of Facebook, just click the little arrow but be warned, it’s stirring stuff:

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Mum WOW! That’s stirring stuff alright. What a voice!

blankpaige Tell JL and he’ll get over ‘Phenomenon’!

CyberScribe I’m speechless.

Donny Oh. My. God.

oneking …. wow …

Karen LOL, fantastic. Was that yer wan from M People singing that? Heather Small? I just got the impression it was some Amazonian goddess belting it out!


gingerpixel It sounds like someone who really wants to be Heather Small I think 😀

CyberScribe My wife used to impersonate Heather Small, singing the song’ Movin On Up’ and was devastated when Heather changed her hairstyle.
Not a lotta people know that :-)

kitty gee…… that made me sick….. i mean funny yes but in an ‘i want to throw up’ kinda way….
and yes i get the visual of you slack jawed listening, stunned…

gingerpixel My apologies kitty 😀