Old Soul
Canon 10D, 28mm, f1.8, 1/250, ISO 200

I have a bit of soft spot for photographing newborns…you might have noticed 😀 . A few months ago I was sitting on the DART (the birthplace of many schemes and plans) and I had the thought that since I love it so much why not set up a website completely devoted to newborn photography? As soon as I got home I went online and checked to see if was taken…it wasn’t! I quickly registered it and have been working on it over many late nights ever since.

It’s now ready, in fact it’s been up for a couple of weeks as I know some of you have already discovered it, but I’m officially launching it, well, now!

So, what’s the protocol here…do I smash a bottle of champagne over my monitor?

*PS: The beautiful baby that you see in this post is Mike. His parents were among those who kindly gave me permission to use their children’s photos in my gallery. Thanks guys!

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Kenneth Sena So cute and delicate.. the picture touches everyone’s heart… :)

Omaniblog Oh wow. Fantastic. Awesome. Beautiful. I think you are on to something here. I think you’ve proved yourself good enough to be trusted with photographing newborns. Thinking back to when Grace was born, I seem to remember photographing her in her mother’s arms but not taking any of her alone. The challenge will be to find sufficient supply of babies to build up a portfolio. I’ll spread the word in Cork. If I see any seriously pregnant women on the street I’ll let them know their offspring can be shot by you.
Seriously though, I think that’s one of the best photographs I’ve ever seen.

Omaniblog Perhaps you’ll set up a blog devoted to photographs of newborns and invite people to send in their photos – thereby building up interest in quality photographs of newborns.

John Braine Looks great. I like minimal designs with nice little touches. The photo in this post is fan dabbie dozie. He knows something you don’t know.

Jess Beautiful. I’m expecting next February, I’ll spread the word amongst my fellow pregnant ladies.

Claire Congratulations Jess, and thanks for spreading the word!

Alan@ipws Nice work – good luck with the business – Have put a little piece on IPWS about it

Job I love Mike’s little baby eyes. They are peircing.

Claire Thanks for the link Alan!

Nathalie Beautiful shot, the light in his eyes is stunning. Mega congrats on the site, hope it does brilliantly for you!

Lottie Aw so adorable.

Janet Bondrucker I must say, a pretty nice site, really good job. I hope there will be a few more shots soon, because the are so beautiful.

Sonnenschutzfolie his is a really nice and great idea. Pity that it was not yet there, as my still so small and frail were. The photo is also very, very beautiful.

Omaniblog Stephen Bean UCC, who’s my tutor on the Applied Digital Photography evening course, thought your photos were “very good” and I rate him a tough cookie, someone who wouldn’t say that lightly.

Jo Oh, Claire, what an incredible photo. Good luck with the new venture! Every time I see one of your newborn photos, I just kick myself I didn’t know about you sooner.

Could you install a time machine link?

Claire @omani: well I’ll take that as a compliment then! Thank you Omani.

@jo: thanks hon, I think wordpress has a time machine plugin 😉

Omaniblog That’s about as superlative as Stephen gets.

John of Dublin Stunning photo Claire, greatly composed and perfect bokeh. Full of emotion. A gift to treasure for life for young Mike. It evokes the powerful Star Child image of the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” for a man of my vintage.

Great idea on www. !