The Morning After

I’m only now crawling from my bed after last night’s festivities. Not because of a hangover…nope, not me…I’m a victim of too much cold medicine. I was feeling pretty bad but there was no way I was going to miss the party last night so I’m still quite groggy this morning. I’m guessing I’m probably not the only one though.

It was a great night, Damien and all the organisers did a fantastic job and well done to Bernie Goldbach for handing over his Best Contribution To The Irish Blogosphere to Damien. The full list of winners is up here. Gingerpixel didn’t get any awards this year but it was so much fun to be a nominee; it gives the night a little bit more of a buzz I think and I was in very good company. I was particularly happy to see Redmum and InfactAh heading up to the podium to collect their awards and sorry that Letter To America missed out again. Jett and Wayne’s podcast gets me through many long work days and I regularly embarrass myself by laughing out loud while listening to it.

The best part of course is getting to put names to faces and meet up again with the regulars. Roll on 2008!

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that girl Great to see you last night and sorry you didn’t walk away with any loot – hope you’re feeling better (I felt so sorry for you popping cold medication all evening)

Bernie Goldbach Ice cream. Two scoops of Lemsip ice cream. Guaranteed to cure your afflictions.

John of Dublin Good to meet you again, also Matt and your family members. You did great to get so far in the Blog Awards.

Sandy Hi claire, great to meet and dance with you on Saturday night. What a fun night (my tighs are still sore after the dancing i was doing with infacta’s missus).

(But just in case you don’t remember who of which one i was, i am Rymus’s missus)

gingerpixel John, Annette and Sandy it was lovely to see you guys too…did I dance Sandy? I must have had more medication than I thought ;D

Bernie, you ought to get a patent on that concoction…add a dash of whiskey and I think you’ve found the cure for the common cold!

Sandy opps i meant Mcawilliams missus i was dancing with, so feel free to edit my post.

Colm Best of luck with everything. I’ve looked into my crystal ball and I saw great things for for the coming year.

Amy G It is a little late, but You SO should have won. Sorry.
However, I am glad you enjoyed the party…even if you were floating on cold medication. Tim said he wants you to take a little trip to Tulsa this month.

gingerpixel Thanks Colm and well done to InFactAh…I didn’t get to see you after the awards to congratulate you.

Hey Amy, thanks! Don’t tempt me about Tulsa, I’d be on a plane without batting an eyelid if I thought I could get away with it 😀