Gardai Animated


Yesterday afternoon I got an email from an Irish animator, Ian Kenny, who funnily enough I intended to post about as part of an update to an earlier post. Last week, totally unrelated to that, he had been sent a link to the Garda Prank post and thought it would be a great clip to animate. The result can be viewed on his site HERE and it’s absolutely brilliant, he’s captured the expressions and timing perfectly. Great work Ian!

And while you’re there why not check out some of the other short films on his site.

NOTE: It would seem that Ian’s getting some heavy traffic to his site so it’s down at the moment. I’ll leave the link pointing to the YouTube version for now.

Update: The site is back up and running so you can now watch the animation in high-res, non-YouTube, niceness.

Here’s the link to the YouTube version as Ian’s poor site is obviously buckling under the stress of all that lovely traffic:)

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John of Dublin Very good! Liked his Holy Hurl video/animation as well.

gingerpixel Yea, puts my sad attempts at home videos to shame!

fústar Very nicely and subtly done. A perfect match of words and images. Good man Ian.

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