Garda Communication

So what happens if you have two mobile phones, and you use the first phone to ring one garda station and the second phone to ring another garda station and you hold the two phones together to “talk” to each other?

(NOTE: Garda = the Irish Police force just in case you were wondering.)

Disclaimer: Blogorrah posted that I had been the one to actually perform the calls. Just to clarify…I wasn’t in on the original prank, I just heard it and thought it was too good not to share.

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Steven - Many Happy Returns

Very funny as well :-)

John of Dublin - Excellent! Reminds me slightly of a true case I was told when I worked in Eircom (then called P&T) in the late 1970s. A worker in a P&T exchange was testing lines with headphones and happened upon a conversation going like this….

“Oh, Paddy my period is well overdue.”

“Are you sure, Noleen?”

“Oh, I am. What are we going to do at all?”

“God, I don’t know Noleen.”

The conversation kept going like this until the P&T worker couldn’t take it any longer and pressed his transmitter button….

“Ah ye eejit, marry the girl!”

This produced the follows reaction….

“Jesus! Paddy who was that?”

“I don’t know, Noleen, it sounded like your father.”

gingerpixel - John that’s hilarious, talk about a guilty conscience thinking he was hearing her father :D

Twenty Major - Genius. That is just classic.

insomniac - legend, absolute legend…

Mike - Ha ha, brilliant. Reminds me of a similar prank on a Chinese takeaway.

frankp - I remember an artist that did something similar years ago when they became frustrated by snobbish galleries fefusing their work – can’t remember details but rigged two old fashioned phones to do the sam thing to rival art galleries in New York I think. Provd hilarious as the galleries would refuse to entertain the idea that they would have calle an ‘inferior’ gallery…

wonder if it inspired this…

Anone know the artist?

maca - haha, deadly stuff!

JG - That is fucking brilliant!

Dario Sanchez - Classic. Just like one I heard on YouTube. Can’t find the URL though.

Earhart - That is hillarious :-)

Gav - What’s so funny? you rang me!…… no you rang me…. and this guys now an artist? Give me a break. The two lads took the call in their stride, didn’t react at all and probably don’t even remember it. Not much of a prank, but if you like it good for you.

Gav - Claire, if you orginally posted the article I appoliges for assuming it was a guy.

Gav - Claire, if you originally posted the article I apologise for assuming it was posted by a guy, I figured you were linking to it as a result of bad judgement. If it was you it’s not very bright to publically admit and highlight that you wasted garda time by the way. best of luck in the court case if that’s what you did.

UnaRocks - genius

Damien Mulley - Isn’t Gav precious? Awww.

Damien Mulley -

Where is this charge that you mention Gav?

blah - You can be charged for wasting Gardai time.

But they won’t pursue it. Good stuff.

deselby - Shit. Very weak altogether. Just two aul fellas on a crossed line. The fact that they are guards brings nothing to it at all.

Stylee - Not funny at all , bit disappointed. Couldn’t listen to it in work cause the PC no fun police blocked access. So sent it home to listen to it there and it was a total waste of time. John’s story about the engineer listening in is funny though, Damien rushing to the defence from the onslaught of gav was good too, what a great put down, to be so incensed to search for the offence was great. what would the young lady have done without you? Oh yeah she’d ignored it.

Person - Don’t think it’s funny at all. It wasted my time as well as that of the two gardai involved… sigh.

Al - That’ funny I just did the same thing, complete waste of time, but I’m the fun police so I know why the sites are blocked.

Under Section 12 of the Criminal Law Act of 1976, a person convicted of wasting Garda time could face a sentence of up to five years imprisonment. The prankster could also be charged with “obstruction” for making it impossible for the two cops to make other calls, and thusly prevent them from carrying out their duties. The Garda could also pursue a charge of bringing the Garda and by extension the law into disrepute. All in all not a good idea to admit to doing this, especially as it’s not funny, liked John’s story though.

Risking the wrath of Damien, Gav was right to point out it might be a good idea to remove the story, and I think he was right for apologising. Before you ask, I won’t be returning to the site so you’ll get no more free legal advice from me

Oisin McGuigan - nice but this is the best!!


evan frost - I think its gas, my friend acctually made de calls. showed it to me on his fone ages ago. loads of other funny calls made dat nite aswel. some of you people r no fun……..take your fingers out!

Banjo - Heard this morning on Newstalk , its excellent

Mary Jo - it’s now on Reddit:

Des - Heard a version on Australian radio where the DJ rang two sex lines. He told one both girls that his girlfriend wnated to do this but was shy sso to go easy on her when she came on thus buying time to ring the other one. ten both of them started and it was liek they both had a standard sex line script.

what ya doing?,
what ya wearing?
and eventually well you rang me
no i didnt you rang me

Maeve - excellent – just wondering what would happen if we did it with some other government depts.. :D

Dave - Was on D’Arcy earlier. I though it was funny. Maybe I just have an inferior sense of humour.

dar - Today fm have credited u ur famous

The Other Lad - That recording is hilarious, you people are just sour b@st@rds if you can’t see the funny side of that.

It’s in the papers now anyway,

Good luck to them finding the person. Maybe it was Aliens who came down with that Meteorite…

Eamonn - Today Fm credited you this morning on Ray Darcy! :)

Luke - I like it. Heard it earlier on today fm but i thought it was a clip from killinaskully because of the farmer accents on the two of them. “Musta been a meteorite that hit the line”. Brilliant. I’m off to try that on two people i don’t like.

pat mustard - its amazing how this has spread,and its amazing how many idiots have claimed they or their friend performed the prank.its not something that should be admitted to,especially when it has made it onto national airwaves!i think claire should be expecting a call from the castlebar gardai enquiring about how she came into possesion of this recording,theres serious s**t down here in castlebar over this because the connaught telegraph published an article on this yesterday on the front page and a script of the recording on page 8.believe me there must be a serious shortage of real news when they put this on the front page,but it didnt stop all of us having a seriously good laugh about it!
it said that whoever did the prank also posted it up online,and they are now the subject of an intensive garda investigation.some people just dont have a sense of humour do they??lol.but i think claire might be off the hook because the connaught telegraph,in their infinite wisdom,experience and reporting skills,reported that the prank is hosted by youtube.i think this might have been originally the case?but ray darcy made your site famous by plugging it as the currentm host of the prank.
anyways,good to see most people still have a sense of humour!!

Alan the Ted - Fantastic prank! Even Ray Darcy thinks so and he is the best ever.

Furry Ner - Why on earth would the Gardai want to pursue this? They’re laughing their heads off themselves as well.

‘Wasting the Gardai’s time’. Humbug. Less than a minute! Don’t try to rain on this well played pranks parade, I say.

Well done to ye!

Eurodep - Am I missing something? This is funny? I mean, the two fellas obviously put it together that it was something screwy and they went on with their day. Funny idea for a prank, but this just wasnt funny. nice try… meh.

clare - cannot find the prank call-am dying to hear it –but it seems ot have vanished -can someone please send it to me?

Mono - I heard another one on the brothers phone yesterday where some guy rang Westport guards to confess to hitting a “dog” on the Leenane road.. “We’ll say it was a dog” to quote the caller … when is that one going to be added???… There’ll be no debate about that one wasting gardaí’s time.

pat mustard - “i’ve got a confession to make” “right,yes” “i think i hit something out the leenaune road…”.
i hope that one doesnt make it up online!

WebMa - Now that we’ve all found out about it and some of us that havn’t heard it are looking for it, it’s gone!

Squeeze - “A meteorite hit the line” Fantastic!
I didn’t know that Westport even needed a police station!!!

frog - what age are we living in when gardas from Mayo think that a meteroite is responsible for there telephone communication problems?

snyper - With stupid farmers like them protecting us i feel safer…

Lorraine – Coventry - Maybe it is my English sense of humour but I didnt find that funny at all……… Bit boring really!

Lena - I like it, I found it amusing. Each to their own! Nice one.

Del - I think the Gardai in Castlebar obviously have no work to do if they have to investigate into this prank call. It appears that they are just sooo humiliated that they have to make it out to be more serious than it really is.
What would they do if something dramatic happened in Castlebar??
And as for the Connacht Telegraph, oh please! Who buys that paper anyway..

Ye Olde Toade - hahahaaaaaa….great stuff. And what other inventive things do you do for amusement?

Joe Ninety - Thats hilarious. Yous have no sense of humour if you dont think it was funny. Wasting Garda Time my hole. It was only a few seconds of time. Im sure they spend alot more time on the phone to Dominos and in Chipper Queues

volperosso - don’t see what’s funny here – play a prank, two guys crack a joke (yes i don’t think he believed it to be true ya numbskulls) about a meteor, check each other is ok, say goodbye. big deal. hear funnier things in the street every day. doesn’t say much for blogging if this is one of the five funniest posts…..

Enda P - Em? Two garda are pleasant to each other, make a joke about a meteorite and get about their business. Hi-lay-ri-o-us?

Mr J ireland -

thats the link to the video everyone was talking about in the media

alex - Add to my Bookmarks :)

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