Short Listed

I took a little blogging break and came back to a heaving list of spam comments to trawl through (I think it’s time to get a new anti-spam plug-in) and the lovely surprise of seeing that Gingerpixel has made it through to the short-list for Best Blog, Best Photoblog and most surprising of all, Most Humorous Post! Thank you kind judges I’m truly flattered and congratulations to all the other nominees, I’ve added so many to my Google Reader that I’m getting nothing done! I can’t wait for the shindig on the 1st of March. Are you going?

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Matt Three nominations!? That means you’re practically a blogging superstar!

I still dunno whether or not I’ll go, what with our lowly single nomination in a category filled with much more likely candidates. But if I do go, I’ll see you there, sporting your Fluffy badge.

John B Congrats! I nominated your anatomy of a tantrum post along with lots of others no doubt.

gingerpixel Blogging superstar! 😀 I can die happy now, LOL. Ah Matt, you have to come along, it’s a good laugh.

John it was you! Thanks for that, I wasn’t expecting that one at all :)

Nay Was really glad to see you make the shortlist for best photoblog :)

Michelle Allmon Congratulations! I can see why they picked you.